We provide added
value through our sheet
metal forming processes,
from laser cutting and folding
to the final assembly

Sheet metal forming


Adim Lift S.L.

Adim Lift is a company specialised in eliminating architectural barriers by designing and manufacturing lifting systems.

Since 1997, and in addition to our experience in sheet metal forming processes and the manufacture of lifting components, we have been developing new accessibility products to improve the quality of life of people with mobility impairments.

Zarel Group

Adim Lift S.L. complements its activity with other companies in the Zarel Group, with the aim of offering a comprehensive service in the manufacture and distribution of lifting systems.
Find more about the Group companies at www-grupozarel.com.


Our lift platforms are built in accordance with the European regulations and, therefore, they meet the essential requirements of the European regulations. We are currently in the process of obtaining the ISO 14000 environmental certification.

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